Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies

under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The President's Address to the People of Kazakhstan

Growing welfare of kazakh citizens: increase in income and quality of life


Well-being of the population and accession of Kazakhstan to the list

of 30 developed countries are the long-term goals of our independent state.

Deputy Director of KAZISS participated in the International Parliamentary Conference "Astana – the Center of Global Integration, Peace and Security»

On November 26, Astana hosted the international parliamentary conference "Astana-center for global integration, peace and security", dedicated to the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The forum was organized by the Majilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan together with the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The conference was attended by parliamentarians from Azerbaijan, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Russia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and foreign experts from Germany, India, Spain, China, Sweden and other countries.

Chairman of the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nurlan Nigmatulin in his speech stressed that the Kazakh model of national modernization, called «Nazarbayev’s Model», goes in parallel in three directions. This is a new level of technological and infrastructural modernization, further political modernization and the process of spiritual modernization and renewal of national consciousness "Рухани жаңғыру". Speaking about the conceptual «Seven facets of the great steppe» article of the President of Kazakhstan, the speaker of the Majilis noted that the article of the Head of state not only opens up great prospects in the modernization of the historical consciousness of our society, but also allows us to take a fresh look at the history of world civilization.

Deputy Director Sanat Kushkumbayev took part in the conference on behalf of KazISS under the President of Kazakhstan and made a report on "Strengthening cooperation within the CICA and SCO". The expert of KazISS noted that the CICA perspective is seen in its evolution into a full-fledged pan-Asian structure with the expansion of the format of interaction between countries. This was due to the initiative of the President of Kazakhstan to create on the basis of the CICA Organization for security and development of Asia (OSDA). While in many ways close to the CICA goals and objectives is the SCO. Entry in June 2017 at the summit in Astana, India and Pakistan in the ranks of the organization gave the SCO an additional impetus to strengthen political and economic cooperation between the major countries and regions of Asia.