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Expert Discussion “New Humanitarian Knowledge: Future Made in Classrooms”

On April 21, 2017, Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of Kazakhstan together with the Institute of Philosophic, Political and Religious Studies of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan hosted the expert discussion on "New Humanitarian Knowledge: Future Made in Classrooms".

Participants discussed the project entitled "New Humanitarian Knowledge. 100 Textbooks in Kazakh Language" aimed at translation of the world most acclaimed textbooks on social sciences and humanities that President Nazarbayev stated in his recent article “Looking into Future: Modernization of Values and Attitudes".

The experts considered the issues related to the selection criteria, status of the selected textbooks under the national curriculum and academic freedom. In addition, the discussion covered the international experience, namely that of the National Textbook Institute of Germany and associated problems and challenges for Kazakhstan in terms of its adaptation.

The KazISS Chief Research Fellow Irina Chernykh spoke on "Modernization of Society: Forming of New Meanings" and emphasized the significance on comprehensive translation endeavor that can positively impact the formation of new meanings for the young generation. According Dr. Chernykh, the Kazakh language shall be enriched considerably in terms of its vocabulary through this translation process that will influence the academic language of theoretical character in the humanitarian disciplines.


Summing up, the KazISS Director Zarema Shaukenova noted that the following principles shall be adhered during the selection of the textbooks:

  • they shall be the most popular and recently published;
  • the books available in libraries in Kazakhstan shall be all considered for selection;
  • the authors’ and publishers’ credentials shall be taken into account during the selection process;
  • teachers and academics who excel in their respective subjects and are familiar with the best literature thereof shall be involved into the selection process.


The KazISS Director underlined that the whole project must be completed during 2018-2019 academic year, so that the textbooks will be available in universities and school of Kazakhstan.


Apart from Zarema Shaukenova and Irina Chernykh of the KazISS, the discussion was participated by the faculty members of leading universities, academics, and experts, namely the Director of the Center for German Studies at Al Farabi KazNU Mara Gubaidullina, Marat Shibutov of the Association of Cross-Border Cooperation, Vice President of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University Aktolkyn Kulsarieva, Head of the Department  of Philosophy of Al Farabi KazNU Gulzhikhan Nurysheva, Professor of the Department of Religious and Cultural Studies of Al Farabi KazNU Nagima Baitenova, Chief  Research Fellows of the Institute of Philosophic, Political and Religious Studies Natalya Seytakhmetova, Rustem Kadyrzhanov, and Chief Research Fellows of the KazISS Yuri Buluktaev and Lessya Karataeva.

Video of the speech of the deputy director of the Institute of Linguistics. A. Baytursynov Fazilzhan A.M. On the topic "A look into the future: new in Kazakh linguistics" can be viewed here