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Expert Discussion “The Tugan Zher Program: Goals and Objectives”

On April 27, 2017, the Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of Kazakhstan held the expert discussion on "The Tugan Zher Program: Goals and Objectives”.

The experts discussed the "Tugan Zher" Program set forth by President Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan in his the program article "Seeing the Future: Modernization of Values and Attitudes". The KazISS Adviser to Director Abdygalyuli Berik stressed the significance of the “Tugan Zher” Program and that the impulses it shall make to further development that shall not be limited to large cities but also reach smaller towns and villages of Kazakhstan. To this end, he proposed to open a museum in each district that would cover the local history.

The expert discussion touched upon various aspects and mechanisms of the projects to be implemented and their impact on modernization of values and attitudes in Kazakhstan. Nurlan Yerimbetov, a Member of the National Commission on Modernization of Values and Attitudes under the President of Kazakhstan informed the participants on the results of the first session of the Commission. According to Mr. Erimbetov the "Tugan Zher" Program is a very timely response for the pressing issues and its success will depends on the level of personal engagement of each citizen of Kazakhstan.

The discussion was participated by the Director of the Institute for Political, Social and History Studies of the "Astana" International Research Center Kamal Burkhanov, Director of the "Youth" Research Center Talgat Kaliyev, Director of the International Center for Cultures and Religions Aidar Abuov, as well as the representatives of the Institute of History of State, the Political Analysis and Strategic Center of the "Nur Otan" Party, and the "Kogamdyk Kelіsim" of Gumilev Eurasian National University.