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under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The President's Address to the People of Kazakhstan

Growing welfare of kazakh citizens: increase in income and quality of life


Well-being of the population and accession of Kazakhstan to the list

of 30 developed countries are the long-term goals of our independent state.

Experts of KAZISS participated in a scientific seminar for the course «geopolitical analysis of international issues»

On 7th of December, the main scientific staff of KISI under the President of Kazakhstan Yuri Buluktaev, Georgy Dubovtsev and the head of the KazISS Office in Almaty Asel Aben took part in a scientific seminar on the special course «Geopolitical analysis of international problems» dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The seminar was organized by the head of the Department of social Sciences and Humanities, associate Professor Alexei Shvydko and 3rd year students of the Department «International relations» of the University of International Business. The well-known political scientist, Director of the research Institute of international and regional cooperation at the Kazakh-German University, doctor of historical Sciences, Professor Bulat Sultanov also took part in the scientific seminar as a guest.



In their speeches, students tried to reveal different issues: What kind of «geopolitics-XXI» and what is now in it is the subject of special care of President N.Nazarbayev? Why independence and sovereignty of Kazakhstan should be considered as factors of geopolitical strategy of our state in the global world and what role does Kazakhstan play in the geopolitical space, for example, the EAEU, SCO, OECD, and CSTO? What is geo-cultural sense of the Presidential program «Рухани жаңғыру»?; How is the relationship between politics and Economics expressed in contemporary global international Affairs?; What is the modern geopolitical landscape, who are its «designers» and what is this «design»?.



The invited guests were the reviewers of students work and held a detailed discussion on each of the reports. At the end of the seminar, O.Buluktayev and G.Dubovtsev shared their experience of analytical work and the need for a thorough development of analytical tools and its application in the work of international experts, the exceptional importance of modern policy Of the President of Kazakhstan, aimed at the spiritual renewal of our life and promotion of the world community.