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Jacob Zenn: Astana Process New Unique Format


I think that Kazakhstan is the ideal country to host these the negotiations because it has good relations with the all major international powers at the table. It has respectable relations with the United States and is trusted by the United States. It understands Russia both linguistically, historically and diplomatically. It has respectable relations with Iran, does not have any issues with Iran and had even held the nuclear talks about Iran’s program in the past three years. It understands Turkey well both historically and culturally and has good relations with Turkey.

In addition, none of the rebel fractions has any issues with Kazakhstan; Kazakhstan has not intervened into the Syrian war, so it is pretty neutral. The Assad government does not have major issues with Kazakhstan either. Therefore, if any country has to be safe and can have the appearance of neutrality, then Kazakhstan is the answer.

Moreover, Kazakhstan has been engaged in series of important negotiations in the past, especially related to the very sensitive nuclear issue, and I think that it has the experience to deal with such sort of negotiations.