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Kasizz Director Speaks at Conference on Employment as Social Welfare Factor



On February 15, 2018, the National Academic Library of Kazakhstan held the conference on "Employment as Social Welfare Factor" organized by the "People's Communists" faction of the Parliament of Kazakhstan and attended by senior officials of the state agencies, academics, representatives of the political parties and non-profit organizations.

The conference was moderated by the Deputy of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, Member of the International Affairs and Defense Committee, Secretary General of the "People's Communists" faction Vladislav Kosarev who noted that the issue of employment, in particular self-employed, had been repeatedly raised in the Parliament. It is constantly in the focus of parliamentary parties especially of the "People's Communists" and is even more pressing given the points made by President N.A. Nazarbayev in his Address to the Nation of Kazakhstan "New Development Opportunities amidst Fourth Industrial Revolution".

Director of the Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of Kazakhstan Zarema Shaukenova spoke on modernization of the economy as vitally important task of development; Zhaksybek Kulekeev, the Director General of the "Kazakh Institute of Oil and Gas" outlined the problematic issues of registration and the support provided by the state to the self-employed; Deputy of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, Secretary of the Committee on Ecology and Nature Management Galina Baimakhanova made the talk on the natural resources as the main condition for employment; Director of the Academy of System Analytics and Modeling Valery Tsoy advocated the systemic approach to social issues; finally, Deputy of the Parliament, Member of the Agrarian Committee Aikyn Konurov emphsised the importance of visibility and feasibility of the progress in the development.

According to the KAZISS Director, the main strategic issues of economic development of Kazakhstan are the dependence on the export of the raw materials; vulnerability to external shocks; role of the financial sector in the economic modernization and the quality of human capital.

Kazakhstan Employment Road Map is in force since 2011 until 2020; it is aimed at movement of the workforce from the economically deprived regions to those that are growing. Employment today is seen as a key measure of the effectiveness of the state and most important for the competitiveness of the nation, hence, pragmatism President Nazarbayev emphasized in his program article "Ruhani Zhanghyru".

The participants considered the ways to further improve the labor market and increase employment, specific recommendations were also made in the course of the conference.