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KazISS Chief Research Fellow Konstantin Syroezhkin Meets Delegation from Japan



On August 4, 2017, the delegation of the National Institute for Defense Studies in Japan (NIDS) was received at the KazISS Representative Office in Almaty. KazISS Chief Research Fellow Konstantin Syroezhkin together with his Japanese counterparts Shigeki Akimoto, Hiroshi Yamazoe, and Masayuki Masuda discussed a number of issues concerning the foreign policy and economic cooperation focusing on the most perspective directions of cooperation and the implication resulting from the conjugation of the " Silk Road Economic Belt" and the Eurasian Economic Union.

The experts also touched upon the the role of the external players, including Japan, as the main factor that would stimulate or hamper the relations between the countries of Central Asia with.

In addition, the investment in Kazakhstan and the prospects for greater Japan's evolvement in investment projects in Central Asian states were considered. Particular attention was paid to the role of Japan in the currently implemented projects.

Having highly appreciated the strategic nature of the relations between Kazakhstan and Japan, the experts expressed their willingness to continue fruitful exchange views on issues of the mutual interest.