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KazISS Deputy Director Attends Discussion on “Looking into the Future” President’s Article


On July 18, the Presidential Administration of Kazakhstan held a seminar in Almaty to discuss the main points of the program article of President Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan "Looking into the Future: Modernization of Public Consciousness" that was participated by the heads and senior officers of the regional government bodies.

The event was chaired by the Head of the Internal Affairs Department of the Presidential Administration Aida Balayeva and Deputy Chairman of the People’s Assembly of Kazakhstan, Secretary General Darhan Mynbay.

The KazISS Deputy Director Sanat Kushkumbayev, who attended the event, focused on the conceptual theses of the President’s article, particularly the thesis that technological progress is growth without development unless it is complimented by some moral content. In this context, the role of history, philosophy, political, sociology, cultural studies, in other words, social and humanitarian knowledge in its entirety is vital for the modernization of public consciousness.

The discussion was participated by the Chief Editor of the Egemen Kazakhstan newspaper Darkhan Kydyrali, Head of the Sacred Kazakhstan Research Center Berik Abdygaliuly, Director of Baytursynov Institute of Linguistics Yerden Kazhybek, Director of the Youth Research Center Talkat Kaliev.