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KazISS Director participated in a Joint commission on issues of the interaction with institutes of civil society within an electoral process


On 27 September 2018 in Astana, Joint meeting of the Central election commission of the RK and the Ministry of the Social Development (MSD) of the RK was held on issues of cooperation with institutes of the civil society within electoral process.

Opening the commission, president of the Central election commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan Berik Imashev noticed that changes and additions into election legislation which occurred in the current year, contain significant potential for more active participation of political parties and non-governmental sector in the electoral processes. In its turn minister of the MSD of the RK Darkhan Kaletayev noticed that taking into consideration the growth of pluralism of opinions, institutes of civil society should participate in the perspective of management of the social-political processes.  

Representatives of state bodies, political parties, non-governmental organizations and experts participated in the work of the joint meeting. Zarema Shaukenova as KasISS director participated in the joint meeting.  

         At the meeting, an exchange of views took place on the issues of interaction with civil society institutions in the electoral process, discussed changes and additions to electoral legislation related, in particular, to the transition to a proportional electoral system during the elections of deputies to local representative bodies, ensuring the electoral rights of disabled people.

         Following the joint meeting, a number of specific recommendations were developed, a protocol was signed between the Central Election Commission of the RK and the Ministry of Social Development of the RK.