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The President's Address to the People of Kazakhstan

New opportunities for development in the conditions of the fourth industrial revolution


Kazakhstan has everything necessary to enter the number of leaders of the new world

KazISS Director Takes Part in The International Seminar on Public Administration of New Era

On May 15-16, the 4th International Seminar was held in Hangzhou (China)being organized by the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CASMO)

The President Ji Zhiye addressed the participants with an opening speech, he outlined the current challenges for the public administration due to comprehensive informatization and digitization, he highlighted the need for better international cooperation and exchange of expertise.

The participants discussed the impact of informatization on public administration, as well as the approaches and practices of national governments of China, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Russia, Turkey, Uzbekistan and other countries.

KazISS Director Zarema Shaukenova spoke on the Digital Kazakhstan with the key goal to accelerate the pace of economic development and improve the quality of life through the use of digital technologies, as well as to create conditions for the transition of the economy of Kazakhstan to a fundamentally new level of development (full text).