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Third Modernization of Kazakhstan

"Only those nations who manage to set the future goals and proceed resolutely facing the challenges,

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KazISS Expert Madina Nurgalieva Participates in Karl Baipakov’s Book Presentation


The Head of the KazISS Representative Office in Almaty Madina Nurgalieva took part in the presentation of the 3-volume of book by the Member of the National Academy Karl Baipakov on formation and development of urban culture in Kazakhstan. According to Madina Nurgalieva the author’s approach is unique, it regards Kazakhstan as part of Eurasia, where the nomadic steppe and urban cultures have been simultaneously developing being closely intermingled. In the context, the recent article of President Nazarbayev rightly acknowledges that the modernization of the land is closely interrelated with the modernization of the minds of the people comprising the nation.

The analysis of numerous archaeological artifacts and written sources enabled the Karl Baipakov to depict a detailed picture of urbanization in ancient and medieval Kazakhstan. Professor Baipakov, who coined the term "steppe civilization", has introduced new methods of mapping and digitalizing that are being applied on the Otrar Oasis archeological site: namely three-dimensional archive and high-precision digital models of monuments. This virtual archeology enables to exhibit 182 monuments, 108 settlements, 20 fortresses, and 8 necropolises.

The event, that turned out to be a vigorous and thought provoking debate, was attended by some leading archaeologists, historians, orientalists, culturologists, and the representatives of the media.