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KAZISS Expert Nayla Almukhamedova Participates in Қазақстан’s TV-Channel Basty Takyryp



On April 3, 2017, KazISS expert Nailya Almukhamedova gave an interview on the bilateral relations of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijani to the "Basty Takyryp" show on the "Kazakhstan" TV channel during the official visit of the President Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan to Azerbaijan.

The expert provided a detailed outline of the main spheres, issues and prospects of the cooperation between Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan of economic, political and cultural nature.

The full version of the interview can be viewed here: https://itube.kaztrk.kz/videos/11965/basty-taqyryp-qr-prezidenti-janyndagy-qszi-sarapshysy-naylya-almuhamedova-tolyq-nusqa/