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KazISS expert participated in the international conference «China and Eurasia: towards a new quality of partnership and development» at Shanghai city (PRC)



On September 17-18, 2018, the international conference «China and Eurasia: towards a new quality of cooperation and development» was held in Shanghai, PRC. It was organized by the Center for Russian and Central Asian Studies of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS).  Participants of the international conference were leading experts and scientists from Chinese, Russian scientific-research centers and strategic institutes under the president of Central Asian countries region.

At the plenary session with welcoming words, the participants of the conference, Yu Xinghui, secretary of the SASS, Alimov Rashid Kutbiddinovich, Secretary General of the SCO, Chang Xuhong, Counselor of the Department of Eurasia of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC, Pan Dawei, director of the Center for Russian and Central Asian Studies.

Work of the conference was hold in the framework of four sections in which the following topics were discussed: changing of geopolitical configuration in the world and in Eurasia, stimulating of more vast cooperation in Eurasia, China and Eurasia cooperation within the new conditions of international strategic configuration between China, Russia and Central Asian countries, expansion, optimization and development of the cooperation through the prism of strengthening cultural-humanitarian basis of mutual understanding among the countries, new characters of the humanitarian cooperation in the framework of the «One Belt One Road» initiative; deepening business partnership in the SCO framework, new regional situation and new SCO tasks, problems and perspectives of the cooperation in the SCO framework, SCO transformation and shaping of the new order in Eurasia; paths to create favorable conditions for trade in the SCO frameworks, Silk Way Economic Belt`s correlation with national strategies of development of Russia and Central Asian countries, trade-economic cooperation and development between countries in the framework of «One Belt, One Road» initiative.

Kazakhstan`s delegation was represented by professor of the Institute of Diplomacy of Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Svetlana Kozhirova and head of the information-analytical department of KazISS under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Asel Nazarbetova. KazISS expert presented a paper «Cooperation of Kazakhstan and China in the cultural-humanitarian sphere: challenges and potential», in which she has accentuated attention on achievements and deficiencies in the sphere of cultural-humanitarian cooperation, necessity of increasing analytical composition of bilateral partnership and using of scientific of experts` potential of both countries.

In the course of the international conference, experts and scientists exchanged views, constructive proposals were voiced for the strengthening of cooperation between China and Eurasian continent.