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under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Address of the President to the people of Kazakhstan

Third Modernization of Kazakhstan

"Only those nations who manage to set the future goals and proceed resolutely facing the challenges,

instead of sitting on the hedge and waiting, are the winners."

KazISS Expert Takes Part in Round Table "Constitutional Reform in the light of Modernization 3.0"

On April 20, 2017, The head of Social and Economic Analysis Department Lyazzat Nurkatova participated in the expert round table on "Constitutional Reform in the Light of Modernization 3.0" organized by the Institute of World Economy and Politics under the Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan. Dr. Nurkatovaspoke on the significance of modernization of social values and how they affect successful implementation of political and economic reforms. Dr. Nurkatova particularly emphasized that scale of the transformation in Kazakhstan requires profound and robust engagement with expert and academic community.

A number of prominent public figures, political scientists, sociologists, as well as the experts representing the leading research centers of Kazakhstan took part in this event.