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KAZISS receives SIIS Delegation


On July 13, 2017 the Institute of Strategic Studies under the President of Kazakhstan in Astana (KazISS) received the delegation of The Shanghai Institute for International Studies (SIIS), namely SIIS Vice-president Yang Jian, Director the Center for Russia and the Central Asia Studies Li Xin, Deputy Director Qiang Xiaoyun, Senior Research Fellows Qian Zhong Qi and Zhao Lun.

The KazISS was represented by its Deputy Director Sanat Kushkumbayev, Academic Affairs Secretary Kazbek Isaev, Head of Foreign Policy and International Security Analysis Department Meirat Omarov, Research Fellow Adilkhan Gadelshiyev.

The discussion covered the topical issues of the bilateral relations; in particular, conjunction of China’s Silk Road initiative and Kazakhstan’s Nurly Zhol Program of infrastructural development, the SCO, and the transboundary watercourse.

In addition, experts discussed security issues in Central Asia, terrorist threats in the region and from Afghanistan, the ISIS factor.

The two institutions reached the agreement to conduct joint expert meetings, conferences, research, and publications.