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Seminar on "Stages of Сonstitutional Reform"

The Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of Kazakhstan held the seminar on March 14, 2017 on "Stages of the Constitutional Reform". The seminar was attended by students of Nazarbayev University and Gumilev Eurasian National University. The speakers were Indira Yeleusizova, Senior Researcher of the Institute of Law of Kazakhstan and KazISS Chief Researcher Alua Zholdybalina.

Alua Zholdybalina touched upon the stages of reforming of the Constitution in Kazakhstan and the features of the amendments mechanism. She noted that since gaining its independence, Kazakhstan has undergone four reforms, related to the current Constitution adopted in 1995, which were triggered by changing socio-political realities. The expert emphasized that the nationwide public debate of the newly made constitutional amendments is a completely new feature of how the constitutional reforms are performed in Kazakhstan and noted that greater engagement of ordinary citizens is the world trend of citizens’ involvement in political processes.

In her turn, Indira Yeleusizova gave more details on the Law "On Amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan" that provides for 33 amendments to 25 articles. The speaker emphasized that the newly adopted Law, having given a number new powers to the legislative and executive branches, enables them to perform their functions more independently while increasing their responsibility and accountability.

During the “Q and A”, the students shared their opinions and asked questions about the reasons behind the amendments to 26th article of the Constitution, in particular about the risks of increased independence of the executive branch and the prospects of a unicameral Parliament in Kazakhstan.