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XI Astana Economic Forum Hosts Panel Discussion on Civil Society

On May 18, 2018 in the framework of XI Astana Economic Forum the panel session on "The future of civil society. New civic activism" was held at the initiative of the Ministry for Religious Affairs and Civil Society of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the participation of the Minister Darkhan Kaletaev, who raised a number of topical issues on the further development of civil society in Kazakhstan.

According to Minister Kaletaev, Kazakhstan is feeling the major trends: digitization of all aspects of human activity, the energy revolution, the rapid growth of population, accelerated urbanization, and changes on the global labor market.

 The Minister noted social networks impact on mass consciousness, and the need for traditional civil society institutions to compete with new networks for the monopoly on expression.

The director of the Institute for Strategic Studies under the President Kazakhstan, Zarema Shaukenova emphasized the role of Astana Economic Forum as the annual business event of Eurasia gathering, for over 10 years, about 50,000 delegates from 150 countries of the world more than 20 Nobel laureates among them and 30 foreign political figures of the highest esteem. Over the course of the Forum's history, more than 300 memorandums and agreements were signed. "Economic growth and sustainability, digitalization and urbanization, longevity and the financial revolution, global security and cultural change, all these have been dealt with in Presidential Ruhani Zhanghyru program aimed at modernization of public consciousness.

A number of well-known Kazakh and foreign experts, namely Meruert Makhmutova, Director of the "Center for the Social Analysis, Irina Merciyanova (Moscow, Russia), Rector of AlmaU University Gulmira Kurganbaeva, Director of the Center for Civil Society and Non-Profit Research of the Higher School of Economics, political expert Sayasat Nurbek, all were among the speakers at the event. The participants also heard the video message of the President of the "Hertie", Graduate Management School, Helmut Anheyer (Berlin, Germany).

The discussion covered the current trends in the development of NGOs, social entrepreneurship and forms of civic engagement in Kazakhstan, innovative projects and best practices in the field of civil society were presented.


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