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KazISS Expert Participates in the People’s Assembly Expert Council Session

On May 22, 2018, the in-filed session of the Expert Council of the People’s Assembly of Kazakhstan was held on "Ruhani Zhanghyru": Origins of Ethic Revival and Unity of Kazakhstan" in Rodina village of the Tselinograd District of Akmola region.

The opening speeches were delivered by Director General of Rodina Agrofirma LLP Ivan Sauer, Akim of the Tselinograd District Alma Aitkuzhinova, and Akim of Rodina Bella Gazdieva.

The event was attended by the KazISS Deputy Director Madina Nurgalieva, Member of the Expert Council of the People’s Assembly of Kazakhstan Kazbek Kazkenov, Deputy Director of the International Center for Cultures and Religions of the Committee for Religious Affairs of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Civil Society of Kazakhstan Karlygash Kalilakhanova, Professor of Gumilyov Eurasian National University Zhambyl Artykbaev.

The discussion covered the issues of the implementation of the "Ruhani Zhanghyru" program. Thus, Madina Nurgalieva focused on the need for increase of competitiveness of the younger professionals: development of the indicators of f the individual modernization progress that could use the tools of project management. Such criteria for quantitative assessment may include computer literacy, knowledge of foreign languages, degree of cultural involvement.

The speakers delivered their talks before public administration officers of the Tselinograd district, employees of the Rodina LLP, academics, students, the members of the Expert Council of the People’s Assembly of Kazakhstan, and the members of the "Zhanghyru Zholy" youth movement.