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Kazakhstan has everything necessary to enter the number of leaders of the new world

The KAZISS remains the only Kazakhstani think tank which was included in the global ranking of "Top think tanks worldwide"

On January 31st, 2018 the annual ranking of the world's 

research and analytical centers "Global Go To Think Tank Index Report" of the Univ

ersity of Pennsylvania was presented which is considered the most reputable global ranking of "think t

anks". The rankings are made within the framework of the program "Think Tanks and Civil Society" under the leadership of Professor James McGann. The American University analyzed the activity of 7815 "think tanks" for 2017 where 28 represented Kazakhstan.

(see the following link https://repository.upenn.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1012&context=think_tanks)

Chart 1. Number of think tanks by country



The position of KAZISS (#KAZISS) in global ranking of think tanks

According to the results of 2017 in global ranking “Top think tanks worldwide” (excluding the US research centers)" the KAZISS was ranked as the 140th (in 2016 for the first time entering top the KAZISS was ranked as the 147th. To generate this ranking the activity of 6,846 "think tanks" was analyzed). Once again, the KAZISS became the only Kazakhstani "think tank" that entered the main ranking list confirming its special status.

Chart 2: Global top-ranking of think tanks (excluding the US)

In addition, there are 55 different nominations in the ranking which in turn are grouped into 4 main groups. In some nominations of the ranking the KAZISS has improved and maintained its positions. Thus, in the nomination "Top think tanks in the field of defense and national security" the KAZISS gained 4 places ranking 91st (in 2016 it was rated 95th) and becoming the only "think tank" representing Kazakhstan and the countries of Central Asia.


Chart 3. Top think tanks in the field of defense and national security

The KAZISS retained its position in the nomination "Top think tanks in Central Asia" and was rated second after the Center for Economic and Social Development (Azerbaijan). Based on the results of 2017 other Kazakhstani analytical structures are also included in this category. Among these are the following: the Institute of Economic Research (IEI) of the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan (8th place), the Center for Military and Strategic Studies (CMSS) of the Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan (18th place), the Public Policy Research Centre (28 th place), the National Analytical Center under the Nazarbayev University (40th place), the Institute of Oriental Studies named after R.B. Suleimenov of the SC of the MES of the Republic of Kazakhstan (47th place), the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research (49th place), the Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP) (51st place), the Center for Political Analysis and Strategic Studies of "Nur Otan" Party (54th place) and others.

In two nominations "Top think tanks in the field of energy and resource policy" and "Top government affiliated think tanks" the KAZISS has maintained its previous position (28th place and 57th place respectively).

The ranking is compiled on the basis of the survey results of the evaluated centers as well as more than 4 thousand journalists, politicians and experts in the field of economic and political studies. At the final stage a group of reputable experts participates in the ranking compilation based on the opinions of which the final ranking takes place. More than 30 of different criteria are used to put the ranking together including structuring the "think tanks" on the basis of geographical location, functional and organizational focus, quality and reputation of scientific and analytical work, "recognizability" of the center, the number of briefings and official meetings as well as a number of nominations for special achievements. The presentation of the global ranking "Global Go To Think Tank Index Report" was preceded by the annual global forum Why Think Tanks Matter 2018 which simultaneously hosted various events in 150 cities around the world including in Astana.

The Kazakhstan Institute of Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (KAZISS) marks the 25th anniversary in 2018. The decree on its establishment was signed by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev on June 16th, 1993.