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Innovative Technological Park Cluster as a Mechanism to Build New Industries in Kazakhstan

President Nursultan Nazarbayev has repeatedly pointed out that Kazakhstan shall strive to become a more competitive nation via providing an environment that would encourage innovative development of the national economy.  In his “100 Precise Steps Towards Five Institutional Reforms” National Plan, President Nazarbayev set the task to establish two innovative clusters in Kazakhstan that would serve as the foundation for further development of the national economy. In the framework of the National Plan, one cluster has been established in Astana Business Campus under the auspices of Nazarbayev University and the other in Almaty as the Park of Innovative Technologies.

Thus, the Park of Innovative Technologies has been built in the Special Economic Zone under the Decree of the President of 18 August, 2003. Currently, the cluster incorporates 158 companies producing more than 500 nomenclature, 14 of them are the joint ventures with Russia, South Korea Israel, China, Germany and Italy while 35 are working on the extraterritorial basis. Approximately 60% are involved in innovation in IT. There are also those working for professional equipment, oil and gas, energy efficiency and other industries. The cluster has provided more than 2 000 jobs. DS Multimedia of Kazakhstan and Korea and KazTechInnovations (Kazakhstan and Japan) as well as LogyCom, the US-Kazakh joint venture are worth special mentioning. Moreover, there are a number of the entities providing the services in education and research, for instance “Kasipker” College, Kazakhstan Institute of Oil and Gas, Kazakhstan-British Technical University.

The experience gained since the opening of the cluster resulted in the establishment of the Cluster Autonomous Fund in April 2015 under the “Law on Innovation” as its management company. The Fund’s mission is to build a comprehensive and independent complex for research and innovation with the two major direction that would contribute into diversification of the national economy of Kazakhstan via opening a series of productive facilities with the highest economic output.

         The Fund sets the following tasks:

- consolidation of the research and technological potential of the infrastructure of the Innovative Technological Park in the Special Economic Zone in Almaty;

- consolidation and redistribution of 1% of total annual revenue of the oil and gas companies to innovative activities.

The cluster itself is subdivided into:

- clever industry;

- clever informant;

- clean and green technologies;

- E-Commerce and media.

This kind of configuration is aimed at consolidation of the available resources and facilitating the access to the new markets including those abroad. In other words, it is about building a number of new industries in Kazakhstan.

In this context, the “100 Precise Steps” National Plan is crucially important, as it is a road map advancing Kazakhstan towards its goal to become one of the 30 most economically developed countries in the world. This goal is to be achieved in new technological and economic conditions.

The economically developed and successful nations share a number of common features such as high GDP per capita, post-industrial structure of economy with greater share of cost efficient high tech and services. These economies are also characterized by manufacturing the goods that are unique. All these enables them to invest vast amounts in such spheres as healthcare, education, sort and culture. Moreover, these economies are capable to manufacture the most advanced production with high cost efficiency strengthening their technological leadership. 

Given that Kazakhstan is striving to become one the 30 most economically developed nations in the world, the ultimate goal is to restructure the national economy and build a number of new industries in order to overcome its dependence on primary materials export such as oil, gas, metals, wheat and others. It is crucially important that Kazakhstan would have its own export bands. Therefore, the “100 Precise Steps” National Plan stipulates the attraction of a dozen of TNCs into Kazakhstan’s processing industry and accessing the external markets with the new nomenclature of products. The significance of the Autonomous Cluster Fund, in this context, shall not be underestimated. The cluster itself, being located in the biggest city of Kazakhstan, has the opportunity to cooperate with its 68 research institutions and 50 universities.

The foreign policy course of Kazakhstan is also aimed at facilitating the achievement of the above goal; its active participation in such organizations of the EEU, SCO and others, enable Kazakhstan to acquire new technologies and access the new markets of the countries of the highest GDP growth, namely Russia, China, India, Iran and others as well as the regional markets of Azerbaijan and Central Asia. 

2017 Expo Astana that will be devoted to the “Energy of Future” is worth special mentioning in this context because it is to facilitate the transfer of new technologies into Kazakhstan and help to build a bridge for Kazakhstan’s manufacturers to access the global market. The Almaty cluster Innovative Technological Park will participate into the projects on “New Energy”, “Clean Technologies”, “New Materials”. “Information Technologies”. Generation of its own innovations for these industries shall become a response for global demand especially in China, India, Asia-Pacific, Pakistan and Eurasian Economic Union.

The Almaty Cluster Innovative Technological Park has also a considerable potential to contribute into realization of the National Program for Rapid and Industrial and Innovative Development for 2015—2019 aimed at consolidation of the competitiveness of the national economy in new economic realities. The other sphere where the Almaty Cluster Innovative Technological Park may be of great use are the National Program of Agricultural Development for 2013—2020, National Program for Development of Housing and Utilities Infrastructure for 2011—2020, National Program of Education for 2011—2020 as well as the National Employment Program for 2020 and the Business Road Map for 2020.