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under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Address of the President to the people of Kazakhstan

Third Modernization of Kazakhstan

"Only those nations who manage to set the future goals and proceed resolutely facing the challenges,

instead of sitting on the hedge and waiting, are the winners."

Meeting on Kazakhstan’s Law Enforcement System Reform chaired by the Head of the State

The meeting was attended by Alibek Dzhaksybekov, Head of the Presidential Administration, Kairat Mami, Chairman of the Supreme Court, Talgat Donakov, Deputy Chief of the Presidential Administration, Zhakip Assanov, Prosecutor General, Karim Massimov, Chairman of the National Security Committee, Kairat Kozhamzharov, Chairman of the Agency for Civil Service and Anti-Corruption, Kalmuhanbet Kassymov, Minister of Internal Affairs, Marat Beketayev, Minister of Justice and Bahyt Sultanov, Minister of Finance.

Opening the meeting, Nursultan Nazarbayev has drawn attention to the importance of ensuring the rule of law within the framework of implementing "100 Specific Steps" of the Nation Plan and the applicability of high quality activities in this direction.

- Today’s issue under consideration is improving the reference directions of modernizing the criminal prosecution system, including improving the level of protecting citizens in the criminal process, streamlining investigation procedures, adversarial proceedings, further extension of judicial control at the pre-litigation stage, removing duplication and clear division of powers between bodies of criminal prosecution, the prosecutor's office and the court, the Head of the State said.

In conclusion, the President of Kazakhstan has given a number of specific instructions.