Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies

under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Address of the President to the people of Kazakhstan

Third Modernization of Kazakhstan

"Only those nations who manage to set the future goals and proceed resolutely facing the challenges,

instead of sitting on the hedge and waiting, are the winners."

Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies under President of Republic of Kazakhstan (KazISS) was established on June16, 1993, by the Decree of the
President of Republic of Kazakhstan.
Since its foundation the mission of the KazISS as the national research institution is to provide analytical support to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The KazISS enjoys a reputation of the leading think tank of Kazakhstan as it employs a highly professional pool of experts; at present it includes nine doctors
and eight candidates of sciences, who specialize in political science, history, economics and sociology.
The KazISS has published more than 250 books on international relations, global and regional security, economics and politics. The Institute is publishing
three journals: Kogam zhane Dauir in Kazakh, Kazakhstan-Spectrum, and Central Asia’s Affairs in English. The KazISS has a trilingual website.
The KazISS holds a great number of international conferences, seminars and round tables, including the Annual Conferences (regularly held since 2003)
on the issues of security and cooperation in Central Asia with participation of the experts from Kazakhstan, Central Asia as well as Russia, China, Germany,
France, India, Iran, Turkey, Japan, the U.S. and other countries.
The KazISS is the basis for both professional practice work of students from the leading Kazakhstan universities and fellowship of experts representing foreign research institutions.