Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies

under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Address to the People of Kazakhstan by President

of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Kassym-Jomart Tokayev

“Constructive Public Dialogue – the Basis of Stability

and Prosperity of Kazakhstan”

Only through a constant dialogue between the Government and society

can a harmonious state be built in the context of modern geopolitics.



On December 10, 2019 the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan hosted the round table of the Commission on human rights under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan devoted to the International day of human rights in Nur-Sultan.

The round table discussed a wide range of issues related to the implementation of human rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, improvement of human rights protection in accordance with international standards.

The event was chaired by the State Secretary of RK Krymbek Kusherbayev. «The highest value of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the priority direction is human rights. This is clearly stated in the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main vector of the state policy of the great steppe has always been aimed at respect and protection of human rights and freedoms. Since ancient times, the Kazakh people adhered to people's democracy, absorbed the legal culture, highly respected the rights and freedoms of the simple man, and this mechanism was used in the processes of governing the country, in foreign and domestic policy. Since gaining independence, the Republic of Kazakhstan has committed itself to respect, observance, protection of human rights and freedoms and has ratified more than 70 international UN documents», - Krymbek Kusherbayev said, opening the round table. The Secretary of state congratulated everyone on the 71st anniversary of the adoption of the Universal declaration of human rights of the UN General Assembly and International human rights day, and stressed that this international document-the Universal declaration of human rights-is of great importance in the history of mankind at the present stage.

First deputy of the minister of foreign affairs of RK Shakhrat Nuryshev in his speech, noting that human rights are the basis for the harmonious development of society and the state, stressed the harmony of this thesis with the theme and content of the Message of President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev. As it is known, special attention in the Address of the Head of state was paid to the issues of ensuring the rights and security of citizens. Also Sh. Nuryshev focused on the formation of a national model of protection of children's rights in our country: «the Convention on the rights of the child was one of the first international treaties, which was signed by Kazakhstan on February 16, 1994. Over the years of independence, our country has formed a national model for the protection of children's rights, built at the constitutional and legislative level in accordance with international standards. Nevertheless, we are constantly improving the national system for the protection of children's rights».

Chairman of the Commission on human rights under the President of Kazakhstan Kuanysh Sultanov shared his opinion on the concept of «human rights». «This question has no limit. This work should be improved from year to year. On the one hand, we can talk about human rights very simply-a person should be guaranteed freedom, the opportunity to live, work, safely enjoy constitutional opportunities, such as education, health insurance and guarantees. That is, this concept is related to the level and quality of life, so all these issues our Commission periodically considers, and we annually prepare a report to the Head of state. The head of state sends these reports to the Government. Many of our proposals were taken into account, for example, during the adoption of the Criminal code, the Code of criminal procedure».

Norimasa Shimomura, UN resident coordinator, UNDP resident representative in Kazakhstan, positively assessed Kazakhstan's active cooperation with the United Nations. Speaking at the round table, he noted that «Kazakhstan is actively working with many UN structures, in particular, in recent years with the Committee on economic, social and cultural rights of Kazakhstan, as well as on the elimination of discrimination against women and the Universal periodic review».

The participants of the round table stressed the important role of improving international mechanisms for the protection of human rights and strengthening the national system for the protection of human rights. Topical issues of improving the protection of human rights through judicial and non-judicial institutions were taken into account.

The round table was attended by representatives of government agencies, foreign missions, non-governmental sector, scientists and experts.

Member of the Scientific expert сouncil of the Commission on human rights under the President of Kazakhstan, director Zarema Shaukenova took part in the event on behalf of the KazISS.