Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies

under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Address to the People of Kazakhstan by President

of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Kassym-Jomart Tokayev

“Constructive Public Dialogue – the Basis of Stability

and Prosperity of Kazakhstan”

Only through a constant dialogue between the Government and society

can a harmonious state be built in the context of modern geopolitics.



On March 12, in the city of Almaty was held a round table discussion on the topic "Inequality of Kazakhstan people in the field of health care: accessibility and quality". The event was organized by the analytical group “KIPD”.

The system and the quality of Kazakhstan's healthcare are constantly in the focus of increased attention, both from the public and from the government. The government measures are aimed at improving the regulatory framework, health infrastructure, improving the qualifications of medical staff, ensuring a guaranteed volume of free medical care, prevention of a number of diseases and etc. Currently, it has been possible to achieve a number of positive results: life expectancy has increased by 5 years, the availability of paramedical personnel has become comparable to the level of OECD countries, and the country's position has improved in a number of global indices.

Is there really a problem of inequality in access to health care services and what kind of actions will help to improve the situation? These questions were discussed by representatives of government agencies, heads of medical organizations, health experts, sociologists, economists, public figures and journalist-columnists who participated in the work of round table.

The event was attended by experts, representatives of the nongovernmental sector, as well as health sector workers. The chief researcher, Lesya Karataeva took part in the work of round table as the representative of the KazISS under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.