Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies

under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Address to the People of Kazakhstan by President

of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Kassym-Jomart Tokayev

“Constructive Public Dialogue – the Basis of Stability

and Prosperity of Kazakhstan”

Only through a constant dialogue between the Government and society

can a harmonious state be built in the context of modern geopolitics.



Deputy Director, Doctor of Law

PERSONAL DETAILS: Kazakh, was born in 15th of April, 1961, in Tayinsha city, North Kazakhstan region. He graduated from №1 high school.

EDUCATION: School of Karaganda of Advanced Studies, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR (1990), School of Moscow of Advanced Studies, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation (1996).


  • Doctor of Law


TOPIC OF PhD DISSERTATION: Doctor of Law, thesis on "Law Enforcement in Kazakhstan and Russian Federation from Jurisprudential Perspective (2010).

Scope of scientific and legal activities: administrative reform of public administration, including civil service, executive authorities, local self-government, laying the foundations of administrative and administrative procedure legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, anti-corruption policy, development and formation of the law enforcement service of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Over the years, he worked in the internal affairs agencies, the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Court, the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan and higher educational institutions of the country. He has held senior positions in various organizations of the scientific and public administration spheres.


  • Legal Council, the “Nur Otan” Party;
  • Qualification Commission of the Supreme Judicial Council of Kazakhstan;
  • Lawyers’ Union of Kazakhstan.
  • Member of the expert and methodological Council of the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


  • Certificate of Merit of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Breastplate "Прокуратура үздiгi" (2011)


  • Medal "10 year of Kazakhstan's Constitution", (2005)
  • Commemorative Medal "10 years of Astana", (2008)
  • Medal "Kazakhstan Republican Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Armenia 20 years", (2011)
  • Medal of III-degree "For Impeccable Service", (2013)
  • Medal "War Veteran in the Caucasus" "Council of Veterans" Nauryzbay district, Almaty (2018);
  • Medal "Honorary Lawyer of Kazakhstan" ROO "Union of Lawyers of Kazakhstan" (2018);
  • Commemorative medal "20 years of Astana" (2018)
  • Anniversary medal "25th anniversary of the KISS under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2018);
  • Anniversary medal "25 years to the Institute of Legislation" (2018)


  • Author of more than 80 scientific papers published in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the CIS countries and far abroad