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Қазақстан Республикасы Президентінің жанындағы

Қазақстан Республикасының Президенті – Қ.К. Тоқаевтың Қазақстан халқына Жолдауы

Жаңа жағдайдағы Қазақстан: іс-қимыл кезеңі

Біздің елімізде “Жауапты мемлекет - жауапты коғам -
 жауапты адам” жүйесі берік орнығуы керек

The publication continues a series of author's English language books on geopolitics and international relations in and beyond Central Asia as well as issues of global and regional security.
The first volume of the monograph considers the basic theories and concepts of foreign (mostly Western) experts. The second volume examines the geopolitical issues in the region, the strategy and policy of the great powers in Central Asia, namely Russia, USA, EU, China. These strategies are applied to the region as a whole. The author also gives the cases of individual Central Asian states.

The third volume is devoted to the issues of security in Central Asia and includes implications related to the situation in Afghanistan and its impact on the region. A special attention is given to the radical Islam and its influence in Central Asia. A section is devoted to the role of Iran in regional policy and its "Pax Iranika" strategy. The events in Kyrgyzstan, the effects they had on stability and security in the region, are also considered. Finally, a chapter is devoted to the foreign policy of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan's chairmanship in the OSCE and Astana’s efforts to strengthen the Eurasian security.

The publication is aimed at international relations and security experts, political scientists and orientalists. It may be used as a text book at international relations and political science university schools.