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Kazakhstanis showed their unity


Today, on June 5, many citizens of the country go out to a popular vote on amendments to the Basic Law of the country, wishing to exercise their constitutional right. And today’s referendum is an important historical event. The last and the only referendum was held in Kazakhstan in 1995.

On the current referendum 56 amendments to 33 articles of the Constitution were put forward. The innovations are of a large scale and involve significant changes in the social life of the country. The amendments are aimed at changing the form of state structure, distribution of powers in the branches of power, introduction of new political and civil institutions.

Several positive aspects of this referendum can be highlighted.

First, there was high interest from various strata of the population. More than 11 million Kazakhstanis are on the voting lists and have the opportunity to express their attitude to the proposed changes. Quite a high turnout of voters is noted. In addition, representatives of non-commercial organizations and public funds act as observers.

Secondly, participation in the referendum is an initiation of citizens to a new political culture, awareness of their civic responsibility. The referendum gives every Kazakhstani citizen an opportunity to directly participate in deciding the fate of the country.

And third, most important, the activity of our citizens at the polls is an indicator of the consolidation of Kazakh society. Coming to the nationwide voting today, the people of Kazakhstan showed their unity and cohesion.

Anna Alshanskaya,

leading research fellow of KazISS under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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