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Participation in a referendum is the constitutional right of every citizen!


The day of June 5, 2022 is of historical significance for Kazakhstan – today in all corners of our big country the republican referendum on the amendments to the Constitution is held. Conducting a referendum is one of the universally recognized ways in the world practice of citizens expressing their opinion, and today’s vote on the issues of amending the Constitution can significantly increase its legitimacy.

The decision to hold a referendum for the first time in 27 years, the last referendum on the adoption of the Constitution was held in Kazakhstan on August 30, 1995, as a result of which more than 90% of citizens voted for the new Constitution. As in the case of the previous referendum, the current voting is accompanied by a high turnout, which is an indicator of a high level of confidence in the President of the country. Many people understand that our common future and that of our children depend on the course chosen by the Head of State. The issues on the referendum are equally important for each citizen, regardless of ethnicity and region of residence, as they affect the most important areas of life for each of us.

Participation in the voting is a unique opportunity for every citizen of Kazakhstan to express their attitude to the changes taking place in the country, demonstrate their civic position and make a contribution to determining the future fate of their country.

Today since early morning we have witnessed high activity of our citizens in an effort to express their opinion on the key issues of further development of Kazakhstan. By 8 o’clock 9,964 polling stations across the country had begun working; from the time of their opening we have seen a fairly high voter turnout. During the first two hours from the moment of opening of polling stations on average across the country more than 28% of citizens included in the lists had already used their right to vote. As of 4 p.m. more than half of the voters – 60.8% – had already received their ballots. The high turnout of citizens for the referendum, which we are observing today in Kazakhstan, demonstrates to us the unity of the people of Kazakhstan in their impulse to express their attitude to the course outlined by the Head of State.

The holding of the national referendum itself is a symbol of the democratization of the political system announced by the President, the formation of a new political culture with active participation in political processes by citizens themselves. Through their participation in it every Kazakh citizen gets an opportunity to express their attitude to the proposed changes.

Participation in today’s referendum may become the first unique experience for many young Kazakhstani citizens who will come to the polls for the first time to exercise their constitutional right. Today we see people of different ages at the polling stations, each of whom is not indifferent to the fate of their country; the concern about the common future and responsibility for it is the basis for the consolidation of the people.

Olga Kaldybayeva,

Senior Researcher of KazISS under the President of the RK



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