Kazakhstan Institute of Strategic Studies
under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Patriotism as a national idea that unites Kazakhstani society


The concept of «Kazakhstani patriotism» is enshrined at a high constitutional and legal level.

Paragraph 2 of Article 1 of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan notes that the fundamental principles of the Republic are: social harmony and political stability, economic development for the benefit of all people, Kazakhstani patriotism, resolution of the most important issues of state life by democratic methods, including voting at a national referendum or in Parliament.

A sense of patriotism plays an important role in the formation of solidarity and unity in society. The unifying factors of the population of Kazakhstan are civil identity, a common vision of Kazakhstan in the future – a multinational country, as well as the presence of such unifying values as wealth and prosperity, the fight against corruption, respect for law and order and other priorities.

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