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Practical Recommendations for Strengthening Partnerships in Central Asia Developed in Nur-Sultan


On 29-30 June 2022 in Nur-Sultan the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan organized the international conference “The Cooperation of Central Asia in the new geopolitical environment: challenges and opportunities”.

The conference’s agenda was devoted to the ways of effective interaction under new geopolitical and geoeconomic challenges and global problems. The participants proposed new approaches to solving common development issues in the field of food security and transport communications.

Taking into account the need for cultural cross-fertilization of the peoples, the positive global positioning of Central Asia, the ways to create conditions for free movement of citizens of the region, as well as foreign tourists were proposed.

On the basis of expert discussion of the heads and experts of the institutes of strategic studies under the President of Central Asia and other research centers, practical recommendations for strengthening partnerships in Central Asia were elaborated.

The key thesis of the recommendations is further development of cooperation of Central Asian countries in the field of water policy, environmental protection, development of agricultural cooperation, scientific and cultural interaction.

There is a strong emphasis on developing scientific and expert cooperation, which is designed to provide a factual and research basis for effective management decisions.

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