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Referendum as an important stage of development


Today, on June 5, Kazakhstan is holding a referendum on constitutional amendments, in which more than 11 million voters can participate.

As the dynamics of electoral turnout shows, the citizens of the country have a rather responsible approach to the issue of voting. This shows that they are united in the importance of choosing the vector of our country’s future.

We should also note the very preparation of the voting process, which at all its stages was organized quite qualitatively. For example, at the first stage the information about the date, polling station and other organizational aspects was brought to the voters by all available means. Starting from the information campaign on traditional platforms – television, radio, etc., to sending SMS and creating a Telegram bot for determining the voting precinct.

Voting observation is also organized at the referendum. Thus, almost 300 international observers work in the country’s polling stations. Kazakhstan observers also take part in the monitoring of the compliance of voting with the legislation.

In general, the process of voting at the referendum for voters does not differ in its procedure from the procedure of participation in the elections. Today, voters also vote at their polling stations from 07:00 to 20:00 local time.

It should be understood that the active participation of citizens in the referendum forms a new political reality based on popular consolidation and strengthening of political institutions and civil society.

Zhanar Sankhayeva

Senior Researcher of KazISS under the President of the RK

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