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The referendum rallied the people of Kazakhstan


The modernization agenda in society from the very beginning – since 2019 – has been aimed at involving the population in social development. The key idea is that the citizens themselves should not just be spectators of all the processes taking place in the country, but should be active participants in them, building their own country and, therefore, their own destiny.

Therefore, step by step, various transformations were consistently proposed, starting with national public trust councils, the concept of a “hearing state”, the election of akims, which involved citizens in public life, laid down the availability of feedback. At this stage, we could give the consideration of the amendments to the Parliament, but the Referendum is another step aimed at awakening civic consciousness. Therefore, the participation of the entire population in the Referendum is, of course, an opportunity to exercise everyone’s right to vote, but also to create conditions for people to become interested, to pay attention to the content of the proposed changes, to understand the essence of the amendments.  As a psychologist, I think this is very important for the development of civil society, and we will definitely feel the positive consequences both in the near future and in the distant future.

As for what is happening at the polling station today, I took part in voting in the morning and saw active citizens; of course at 8.30 there were no queues yet, but people were coming. There were volunteers to guide them, there were representatives of public associations and mass media as observers.


The Chief Expert of KazISS under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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