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The Saudi side was interested in Kazakhstan’s plans


On the eve of the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev made his first official visit to Saudi Arabia. His visit was immediately focused on results and outcomes. It is evident that the president of Kazakhstan is also focused on economic diplomacy. It is no coincidence that his visits are accompanied by meetings with entrepreneurs and business circles. For example, after meeting with the leadership of a particular country, President Tokayev holds substantive meetings with the business community, attracting investors to our country, conducting business negotiations.

During his visit to Saudi Arabia, the President of Kazakhstan had productive and promising meetings with Saudi businessmen, major companies that are leaders as investors in Kazakhstan. In particular, they talked about investment in projects such as agricultural processing, food security.

More often than not, many people associate Saudi Arabia as an oil producer, the largest oil country. But Kazakhstan is also interested in cooperation in agriculture, modern communications, transportation, digitalization, green energy. All of these sectors are of concern to many countries, including the climate agenda and alternative sources of energy. Our plans have been communicated to Saudi Arabia. Accordingly, the Saudi side has received them with interest.

The President’s style is as follows: he clearly and precisely conducts negotiations, knowing what can interest the businessmen of any country, and what Kazakhstan can offer, also to receive some benefits on a mutually beneficial basis.

We expect an influx of investment. Before such meetings are organized, an agenda is formed long before the visit. And in the course of the visit, specific areas of interest are identified.

The president held meetings and it is obvious that certain projects will already be implemented in the future. For example, we are already working on projects in agriculture in the Almaty region, or joint projects in the production of green hydrogen. There are also a number of joint projects with the Islamic Development Bank. We can see that there is an inflow, and accordingly we are waiting for the results.

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