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Conscious and sustainable resource consumption

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, during his address at the extended meeting of the Government, highlighted the need for modernization in the communal and energy sectors.

To address the longstanding issues, the Head of State instructed to develop a comprehensive set of measures for the restoration and development of infrastructure.

Among the primary tasks is the conduct of major repair works on facilities in critical condition. According to the Ministry of Energy, the average wear and tear index nationwide stands at 66%, reaching 90% on some facilities. Furthermore, amidst economic growth and the establishment of new productions to address electricity shortages, careful attention is required to ensure the quality and timely commissioning of new generating capacities.

The Head of State emphasized the necessity of implementing targeted subsidy tools in light of the inevitable tariff increases. In this context, the widespread provision of opportunities for the population to save on heat and electricity becomes relevant.

The government should focus on developing and adopting a comprehensive set of measures to promote energy conservation and enhance energy efficiency in residential and industrial sectors.

Such a plan of action may encompass issues related to the control of construction norms and rules for heat energy distribution, provision of communal services, installation of direct-acting automatic thermostats to reduce heating bills by 20% or more. This approach will also contribute to conscious and sufficient resource consumption.

Simultaneously, for a comprehensive overview of infrastructure conditions, full-scale technical audits of heating systems and the subsequent digitization of all processes in this sphere are necessary.

Implementation of these measures will enhance transparency in the operations of energy and communal facilities, as well as facilitate the establishment of a monitoring system and determination of resource volume needs for the population.

Baurzhan Umirzakov,

Chief Expert of the Department of Global Economy

 and Sustainable Development at KazISS

 under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan