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Main page » «People about People»: Does Kazakhstan need new political parties

«People about People»: Does Kazakhstan need new political parties

There are currently seven registered political parties in Kazakhstan. According to a February 2022 KazISS survey, political parties have the lowest credibility among the institutions of power at 43.7% (the number of those who trust them is lower than the number who do not), with the share of the population trusting them to some extent falling by 14.6% in the last 3 months.

The findings of the survey show that there is a demand in society for new political parties – 48.4% of respondents are ready to support a new political party that proposes a completely different political and economic path for the country’s development.

The population expects a potential new political party mainly to address social issues (health care, education, support for the vulnerable), protect the rights of working people, strengthen anti-corruption measures and generally take a sensible approach to reforms.

*Regional monitoring has been conducted by KazISS since 2019 with a sample of 6 800 respondents. The geography of the survey covers 14 oblasts and 3 cities of national importance. A total of 185 urban and rural settlements. The sample is representative of the general population (the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan over the age of 18) according to the main parameters (gender, age, ethnicity, type of settlement).