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Main page » Development of allied relations between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan – in the centre of attention of the meeting of KazISS and IICA leaders

Development of allied relations between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan – in the centre of attention of the meeting of KazISS and IICA leaders

At the online meeting, KazISS Director Yerkin Tukumov and IICA Director Zhavlon Vakhabov discussed issues of bilateral cooperation and strengthening of expert ties between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Yerkin Tukumov congratulated Zhavlon Vakhabov on his appointment as Director of IICA:

– Dear Zhavlon Abduzhalolovich, I am glad to see you and congratulate you on your appointment as the head of the think tank of our brotherly Uzbekistan. You are an experienced diplomat on Central Asia and international issues, and I am confident that our cooperation will contribute to the benefit of our countries.

In his greeting, Zhavlon Vakhabov emphasised the closeness of relations between the allied states, noting the authoritative position of KazISS in the region. “It is a pleasure to see you, Yerkin Valitkhanovich and your colleagues! KazISS research sets the format of work in the Central Asian region. Kazakhstan is close to us in spirit – our brotherly nation with common cultural ties and traditions. We are connected by the length of our borders, our countries are traditionally seen as the driving forces of our region.

The heads of the two think tanks discussed joint intentions on the regional agenda and the programme of the upcoming VII Central Asian Expert Forum to be held in Astana.

Yerkin Tukumov noted that consolidation processes in Central Asia will determine the overall picture of the region, and this is important:

– Consolidation of the countries of the Central Asian region acts as an example of trusting relations. The SCO summit and other events will be held in July – there are many occasions this year to show progressive movements, how to improve the lives of our people and show our joint efforts.

 Zhavlon Vakhabov proposed a joint format of work on the agenda of the upcoming forum in Astana:

– We will exchange visions on the programme of the VII Central Asian Expert Forum in a consultative format. We support active key positions that will benefit our peoples. Consultative meetings of the countries of our region have moved to the second cycle of presidential summits. Last year it was held in Dushanbe, this year it will be held in Astana. These are issues of regional security, stability, trade, investment.

– We are in favour of joint research work, writing collective monographs, Yerkin Tukumov said, noting, “We are actively working to raise the level of publications in our journal Central Asia’s Affairs. In addition, an entire issue of the international publication Global Asia (South Korea) was dedicated to Central Asia,” concluded the KazISS Director.

The online meeting of the heads of think tanks was an important step in implementing joint projects and initiatives to deepen partnership and strengthen friendly relations between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.