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Main page » Director of KazISS took part in the forum “Primakov Readings”

Director of KazISS took part in the forum “Primakov Readings”

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On 6 December 2022 the VIII International Scientific and Expert Forum “Primakov Readings” was held in Moscow. The topic of the eighth forum was the transformation of the world order in the Eurasian dimension.

During the first session, Yerkin Tukumov, the Director of KazISS, made a presentation entitled “Eurasian Process in an Age of Instability: a View from Kazakhstan”.

It was noted that the changes taking place in the Greater Eurasia space this year have a significant impact on the system of international trade. There is a breakdown of traditional supply chains and increased volatility in foreign markets.

According to the Director of the KazISS, the answer to any systemic challenges of the future should be strong state institutions and proactive economic policy, which is more stress-resistant and adaptable to external and internal shocks.

Regarding the prospects of the Eurasian process, an opinion was expressed about the importance of focusing on the economic aspects of cooperation, without excessive politicization of the process in the EAEU, thus giving priority to the establishment of ties with other regions of the world.